Renee Dean

Financial Services Director

Mezz and Renee Dean have been with us for more than 30 years. What started out as an insurance agent-customer relationship has evolved into a lasting friendship. We are truly grateful to both of them for their solid advice and no-nonsense approach to financial planning.


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Career Opportunity

As my insurance agent, I saw how Renee & Mezz worked. As their client, I felt their passion for this industry and their dedication to their clients.
If I could trust them for my life’s financial planning, why can’t I trust them with my career
That was 24 years ago. Never was there a day that I regretted joining this awesome family and working alongside with Renee & Mezz.

Jarrod Tjo- Senior Personal Wealth Manager
- AIA Career Benefit Qualifier 2022
- AIA Million Dollar Club Platinum 2022
- AIA Prestige Club Qualifier 2022

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