Mezz Dean

Senior Personal Wealth Manager


I’ve known Mezz Dean since 1994 when he was a regular in the Singapore Armed Forces. Until today, we‘ve kept in close contact.

When he first left military service to join AIA as a Financial Advisor, he actively shared tips with me about how to better manage my financial needs while I was still in the early days of preparing to start a family.

From then on, we became close friends instead of just colleagues - I got to know his family, and he likewise grew to know my spouse and children very well. Personally, I find his approach to financial advice very sincere, unlike many others who opt for hard selling. It’s why all my policies to date are through Mezz, rather than from any other person or company.

About 20 years ago, I encountered a major financial crisis which required me to sell off most of my investment policies. Mezz went through every single policy I had patiently, with detailed breakdowns and explanations into how much I could get in return for each. With such guidance and in-depth analysis, I managed to overcome my problems while even salvaging some policies back with his fantastic calculations that enabled me to continue investing.

Throughout the years, he has cared for my family with utmost dedication. We had a few episodes where he offered us advice regarding the use of my family medical plan to seek further treatment when general practitioners and restructured hospitals were unable to diagnose my children’s medical issues. With his suggestions, my kids’ needs were subsequently attended to by specialists and fully cured.

Mezz has consistently been one of my most caring friends, with a commitment to people that goes beyond the average Financial Consultant. His personality and meticulous nature has really helped my family push through some great difficulties in the past, and he is definitely the man for the job.

Peter Chay Y.LCivil Servant

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Career Opportunity

As my insurance agent, I saw how Renee & Mezz worked. As their client, I felt their passion for this industry and their dedication to their clients.
If I could trust them for my life’s financial planning, why can’t I trust them with my career
That was 24 years ago. Never was there a day that I regretted joining this awesome family and working alongside with Renee & Mezz.

Jarrod Tjo- Senior Personal Wealth Manager
- AIA Career Benefit Qualifier 2022
- AIA Million Dollar Club Platinum 2022
- AIA Prestige Club Qualifier 2022

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