Gayathri Subash

Executive Personal Wealth Manager

Gayathri is passionate and committed to her work and she provided us a clear picture to what we need and how to achieve our financial goals. She seeks to understand our current situation and provides solutions to get us to a better place in the future. She gives us reassurance and ensures we stick to the plans we have committed. With her around, we feel confident and positive about achieving our financial goals, protecting all blind spots that we cant identify as a layman.


I met Gayathri by accident when i was in desperate need to understand some financial plans my parents took many years back. That first meet with her became a journey of long term friendship and nows she is a mentor to me in many ways. She is very approachable, patient and committed to her work of educating financial literacy to others. I have benefitted in a large way knowing this kind woman.

JANAKISales Executive

I liked how Gayathri customised my goal mapping journey step by step, asking me questions along the way and helping me to fill in the blanks. She explained everything clearly, showing me where I was doing well in, and areas that I should pay attention to (along with suggestions for improvement). For someone who has no clue how their lives would play out past retirement, this is highly recommended!

TIMOTHY KUACorporate Executive

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