Michelle Chan

General Insurance & Employee Benefits

Prudential Assurance

New Member Orientation – (Week 1)

  • Chapter Organisation Chart & Roles of LT/ST
  • Meeting Agenda
  • Weekly Commitment
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BNI Connect

Diana Ho

Travel Agent

Royal Wings Travel

BNI Connect – (Week 1)

  • BNI Connect Web
  • BNI Connect App
  • Business Builder Web & App
  • Register MSP (within first 30days)
  • Update GAINS on BNI Connect
  • Attend next BNI Connect Training or learn on Business Builder
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Vice President

Jennifer Koh

ERP Software Specialist

Zetta Solution Pte Ltd

BNI Policy & Members Traffic Lights – (Week 2)

  • BNI Policy
  • Members Traffic Lights
  • How to key in Referrals/ 121/ Visitors/ TYFCB/ Testimonials into BNI Connect
  • CEUs-Business Builder + Register for 3 Trainings (where to find them)
  • Leads vs Referrals
  • I Have Section
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1-2-1 Coordinator

Daryl Lee

Photographer (Wedding)

Momentous Productions

One to One – (Week 3)

  • One to One Etiquette
  • Complete four 121 Documents
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Gold Club Member

Sophie Sea

Korean Wine & Food Items

Enterprise Go Pte Ltd

Inviting Mindset – (Week 4)

  • Difference between Visitors & Guests
  • Why having Visitors important during weekly meeting?
  • Help to identify and list down 20 visitors
  • How to invite visitors for Featured Presentation and weeks ahead?
  • Gold Club Badge Program
  • Encourage them to attend inviting Mindset Training by HQ
  • Importance of Great Visitor Experience
  • What to do during Open Networking? (Be a Master Connector)
  • How a new member could help with visitor hosting
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BNI Connect

BNI Business Builder

BNI Effective 1-2-1 Questions

BNI Biography Sheet

BNI GAINS Exchange

BNI Contact Sphere

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