Jason Nah

Fitness Coach, Human Performance Engineer & Sports Movement Trainer


I am a fitness trainer with over 20 years of experience. My passion for sports and the performance of elite athletes, inspired me to pursue a career in fitness. Over time, witnessing close relatives passing on due to health complications related to sedentary lifestyles, instilled in me a resolve to train others to pursue active and fit lives.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of honing his skills with many acclaimed trainers and athletes. My time training at the renowned Institute of Motion in San Diego, had a profound impact on my training philosophy. Drawing from all my experiences, I developed a training program that focuses on multi-modal and multi-directional body movements. Underpinning this program, is the philosophy that the human body has the capacity to sustainably play a range of sports and engage in various forms of martial arts. Real fitness is reflected in holistic body movements and is not limited to any one pattern of motion, sport or type of martial art.

In 2011 year, I started my own gym, Real Fit, with the aim to change the game and the way people train; where I continue to passionately impart my fitness knowledge and philosophy, always adapting & refining through research in seeking to inspire others to adopt a lifestyle that results in real fitness.

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