Tan Soh Zhi Suzie

Financial Services Consultant

M.Sc. in Clinical Nutrition (USA),

B.Sc. in Dietetics (USA),

Registered Dietitian (USA),

Accredited Dietician (Singapore)


I’ve known Suzie many years and she is someone I can trust fully, she is a thoughtful Financial Services Consultant and she has helped me not only in reviewing all my insurance policies, she also helped me to understand what I need and patiently explaining each policy to me and what I should have in accordance to my goal. I am very comfortable for her to be my financial services consultant as she is not focusing on what she needs to sell, she is making sure that the policy will be beneficial to me. She is very willing to share her insights and expertise, especially the key details to take note of. Some of these are information which cannot be found online and you can tell it only comes with experience. I believe this is one of her good quality that makes her difference from other agents I encountered before. Thank you Suzie, for helping me to understand what each insurance is for and to be the advisor I can fully depend on!

Mindy LeeAccountant

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