David Law

Financial Services Consultant

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David is my long-time friend, brother-in-arms and now, a trusted financial consultant. He is able to effectively listen and advise according to my personal needs and what my situation allows. He is also very patient and possesses a wicked sense of humour, with a good depth of knowledge in all areas pertaining to personal finance management. This allows him to break down technical terms to more easily understandable anecdotes and offer alternate solutions to achieve the desired outcome. I’m confident to say that David is a competent financial consultant with a big heart and will always put clients’ interest at the forefront.Ben is one of the most dedicated, hardworking and compassionate individual who never misses the opportunity to help others. It was no surprise he became a financial planner.
This has benefited me in many ways as he puts my interest first before recommending any policy to me. His genuine approach and thorough follow up on a personal level makes me confident in signing more policies with him in future.

Aidil SyazwanSAF regular
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