Mandy Lin

Financial Consultant

StrengthsFinder Coach

Mobile: +65 8939 2777



Mandy has done a great job to encourage, share and walk through the Strengths Finder report with me. She gives clarity on the pros and cons of my top 5 strengths, from infancy to maturity, what it means in different situations, and what I could watch out for. I find her coaching beneficial and would look forward to have my branch director and team go through a group Strengths Finder workshop in time to come . I believe it’d be most beneficial to know the strengths of the different teammates, so we know the make up of each other, why we may think / behave in a certain way, and how best we could work together as a team to leverage on each other’s strengths to complement each other in our work!

Fiona ChewAssociate Director
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